Night life: Buzios has all the clubs and bars you could want!

If you're after night life, Buzios is a place like none other. Carnivals, clubs, bars and beach shows welcome visitors during the holiday season. One thing all the Buzios travel guides tell you is bring attire that is suitable for an evening out, because the clubs and bars in Buzios are very sophisticated for such a small town.

Starting with restaurants, Buzios is famous for its fine cuisine from all over the world. If you are interested in trying local cuisine, you will find plenty of that at any restaurant along the beach. Seafood and cocktails are the order of the day at these restaurants, and you will generally find prices to be quite reasonable, even in some of the more exclusive restaurants. If excellent local and international cuisine is the cornerstone of a city's night life, Buzios has more than enough to keep you satisfied.

Once your meal is over you can check out one of the many clubs, bars or other forms of night life Buzios has to offer. In just about any dance club you will find Samba dancers and Capoeira dancers, but the best place to find a truly original show of dance is on the beaches by night. Local kiosks and bars serve cocktails until the early hours of the morning, and you can catch beach shows most weekends, and every night during Carnival. Keep your eye out for fire dancers and Capoeira displays.

In the downtown area you will find some of the hottest night life Buzios has to offer. There are clubs that offer everything from Samba to hip hop and rap, but bear in mind that most clubs in Buzios have fairly strict dress codes. Guys will need to wear a collared shirt at least, and no sneakers are allowed. There are some casual bars, however, where you can catch a quieter type of Rio de Janeiro Brazil night life.

Apart from the usual night life, Buzios is home to a sophisticated prostitution industry, and along with that comes a professional safety escort industry. If you are venturing into the darker parts of Buzios, remember that you can hire personal bodyguards fairly cheaply in Buzios. Doing so is wise, because the unscrupulous will not hesitate to prey on a lone foreigner. Escorts of the more familiar type are also available if you would like company when venturing into the night life Buzios offers.